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College Level Examination Program (C.L.E.P.) Exam

The College-Level Examination Program (C.L.E.P.), sponsored by the College Board, allows students to earn college credit by demonstrating their mastery of college-level material acquired through independent study, on-the-job training, professional development or cultural pursuits. Students who achieve a passing score on a C.L.E.P. examination earn introductory-level college credit, allowing them to move on to more advanced higher-level courses.

If you are an incoming freshman, transfer student or current LIU Post student, and would like to take one or more C.L.E.P. examinations, you must arrange an appointment with your Academic and Career Counselor to determine your eligibility to take any of these exams and to verify that:

  1. You have never taken any college courses in the area of the intended exam(s);


  1. b. That you are able to apply any credits you may earn to a specific category in your plan of study.

Upon approval and completion of all C.L.E.P examinations, scores must be sent to the Academic and Career Counseling Office to determine LIU Post credit acceptance and course equivalency ( LIU Post CEEB code: 2070).

Please be aware of the following regulations which affect any student attempting to earn credit through C.L.E.P. examinations:

  • Students entering their final 32 credits in residence (seniors) are not eligible to sit for these exams
  • Students who transfer to LIU Post with 2 year degrees must complete at least 56 credits in residence; credits earned by examination cannot be applied to residency requirements
  • Credits earned through C.L.E.P exams cannot be applied to the residency requirement for graduation with honors (i.e., all students who wish to graduate with honors must complete at least 56 graded credits in residence; credits earned by examination cannot be applied to residence).
  • A list of the examinations which have been approved at LIU Post is listed below. Please note the minimum score for credit eligibility in each. Credits earned for any of the Foreign Language exams MAY NOT be applied to the Core Curriculum; they may be used as Electives ONLY.

    - College-Level Examination Program (C.L.E.P.) Credit Award Criteria

For more information, contact Academic and Career Planning at 516-299-2746.