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Notification of Admission Decision

Most programs use a rolling admission process and evaluate applications as soon as they are complete. Once your application and all supporting materials are submitted to the LIU Post Graduate Admissions Office), the Admissions Office and academic department for your degree program will review your application and credentials. Application deadlines vary for each academic program. Some programs require an interview with an admission committee.

The LIU Post Graduate Admissions Office will notify you in a letter sent to your home if your application is incomplete. The invitation to interview, if applicable, will come from the academic department. Once a decision is rendered, the LIU Post Graduate Admissions Office will notify you by e-mail and a formal letter to your home to notify you of the decision.

Once accepted you must reserve a place in the entering class by completing the Tuition Deposit Agreement and mailing the signed Admitted Student Response Form along with your nonrefundable tuition deposit. Most programs require a $200. Doctoral programs require a $500 tuition deposit. The deposit is applied to the first semester’s tuition.

Offers of admission are valid for the semester stated in the admission letter. Anyone wishing to postpone enrolling in graduate school must notify the Graduate Admissions Office, in writing, of this intent. Please see Deferring Admission for more information.

 The policies regarding deferment of attendance vary by school.