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For High School Students

Programs for High School StudentsLIU Post offers pre-college academic programs designed for advanced high school students. In each of the following programs, students are able to earn discounted college credit while simultaneously completing their high school coursework.

The LIU High School Scholars Program offers a cost-effective way to help you adjust to the expectations of college-level coursework in the comfort of your high school classroom. All LIU High School Scholars courses carry dual credit – high school units applicable toward the high school diploma and college credits applicable toward a bachelor’s degree. You can fill out an online application here.

Summer College offers academically talented high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college undergraduate credits at a discounted rate. High school students can enroll in the same classes as college students on LIU Post Campus during the months of June, July and August. This is a great opportunity to enhance your college applications, boost your high school performance, and expand your intellectual growth. The five-week Summer College Program allows you to experience college life at a comfortable pace in a supportive environment.

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