CSI: Real Life Investigation

August 4 - 8Apply Now
LIU CSIWhy watch forensic TV shows when you can experience real-world crime scene investigations through LIU’s free Summer Honors Institute? For starters, you’ll participate in fingerprint analysis, tool mark comparisons, shoeprint impressions, ballistic recovery and analysis, DNA interpretation, crime scene development, microscopic comparison, and forensic chemistry. Then engage in actual past homicide crime scenes with a former NYPD crime scene detective who will put you in the role of lead investigator.

Learn about the following:

  • Conventional and fluorescent powders, magnapowder, iodine fuming, cyanoacrylate (super glue), and ultraviolet and alternate light sources in the forensic laboratory
  • Ballistic analysis, including bullet and discharged shell processing, firearm identification, ballistics trajectory, serial number restoration, gunshot residue, powder burn analysis, and bullet recovery in LIU’s ballistics laboratory