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Lifetime of Learning

Lifetime of Learning Registration Procedure

Lifetime of Learning is a program for LIU Post alumni, which enable graduates to audit courses for pleasure and enrichment.  Listed below are instructions to follow if you would like to enroll in the program.

1. Determine the courses you would like to take.  There is a two class per semester (Fall, Spring and the entire Summer session) limit. Below is a list of courses NOT AVAILABLE to alumni in the Lifetime of Learning program.

  • Continuing Education courses
  • Critical language programs (Persian, Yiddish, Arabic, etc.)
  • Special credit/non-credit workshops, institutes and seminars
  • English writing courses: 01, 02, 1, 1s, 6, 6a, 80, 81 and 82
  • ALL Computer Science courses
  • ALL Computers in Education courses
  • Hours arranged courses tutorials and independent studies
  • Several Library and Information Science courses (check eligibility with Registrar)
  • Some Physical Education courses
  • ALL Studio Art courses
  • ALL MBA 600 level courses
  • ALL FIN; IBU; MAN & MKT 700 level courses
  • MBA 820
  • LOL students may take GBA 500 level courses with instructor approval.

For information about eligibility of specific courses check with Registration (516) 299-2756.

Alumni who have earned an undergraduate degree from LIU Post can enroll ONLY for undergraduate courses.  Alumni with a graduate degree from LIU Post can enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses with the professor's permission.

If you are planning to take a graduate level Art Therapy course, please see the Director of the program prior to attending your first class.

Lifetime of Learning students will not be permitted to enroll in undergraduate classes with less than twelve tuition-paying students nor graduate classes with less than ten tuition-paying students

2.  Please contact the Alumni Relations Office to get your Alumni ID card.  Call (516) 299-2263 or e-mail

3.  Go to the Campus Admissions office and request to register for the Lifetime of Learning program. Your name will be entered into the University computer system and you will be given a registration card.  Course descriptions and class schedules will be available at the Admissions Office.

4.  Attend the first session of the class you would like to take. Introduce yourself to the professor as a Lifetime of Learning student and request permission to take the class.  If the professor agrees, have the professor sign the back of your registration card.  You must have the professor's permission in order to take a class.

Please noteLifetime of Learning registration begins the first week of classes.

5.  Registration cards will not be accepted before classes begin. Within the first two weeks of the semester, return you completed card to the Registrar in the Kumble Hall with a check made payable to Long Island University/Lifetime of Learning for $100.  This covers the registration fee for two classes during one semester (Fall, Spring or the entire Summer session).

Any special fees must be paid directly to the bursar: do not pay any special fees at Admissions.

The $15 registration will be waived.  Simply return your bill by mail or in person to the Registrar, indicating your participation the Lifetime of Learning program, if the registration fee appears.

6.  Once the above steps have been completed, your name will be added to the class roster.  Failure to follow these procedures while attending class will result in the permanent termination of your Lifetime of Learning privileges.

7.  Lifetime of Learning is intended to supplement your education and enable you to continue learning for pleasure.  If you must take a class for professional purposes or want it to appear on your transcript, you should enroll through regular registration procedures as a regular or auditing student.

If you need assistance selecting courses, please call the Office of Undeclared Advising at 516-299-2746 or the appropriate department advisor listed in the schedule of classes.

Thank you for participating.  If you have any questions about the Lifetime of Learning program, please feel free to call the Alumni Relations Office at (516) 299-2263.

We wish you the best in your Lifetime of Learning courses!