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Personalized Attention

LIU Post offers a one-of-a-kind learning environment. Our student-to-faculty ratio is among the lowest in the nation: 12-to-1, giving students access to personalized guidance and support from their professors. Students are never be taught by graduate assistants, only credentialed faculty. Lecture class sizes are small, averaging about 20 students.

In addition to a supportive faculty, LIU Post’s Division for Student Success has a full-time staff of professional academic and career counselors to guide your son or daughter in selecting a major, exploring different career options, and discussing personal life decisions. The Division for Student Success will ensure that your son or daughter will have access to everything he or she needs to get the most of out of his or her college experience and stay on track toward graduation. We provide an encouraging and supportive environment where students are free to discuss their interests and concerns and explore their life’s callings.