Anointed Voices Gospel Choir

Explore the historical origins of gospel music and study contemporary gospel arrangements and techniques. Anointed Voices rehearses regularly and performs throughout the academic year.

Black Students United (BSU)

BSU diligently works to promote diversity and cultural programs and presents popular events including the annual Kwanzaa Ball and Pajama Jam.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ (B.A.S.I.C.)

B.A.S.I.C. offers weekly Bible study and provides a spiritual, supportive and social environment for all students.

Chinese Student Scholar Association (CSSA)

CSSA connects international students with local students to foster intercultural understanding.

Conversations Helping and Teaching Students (CHATS)

CHATS aims to create a stronger bond between the domestic and international community on campus through the usage of language.

Hillel (Jewish Community)

Hillel is a place for holiday celebrations, Shabbat services, community service programs, social activism and all sorts of fun and educational events.

Indo-American Club

Through programming, friendship, and by nurturing a sense of community, the Indo-American Club helps foster appreciation for the South Asian culture and heritage.

International Student Union (ISU)

The ISU is a multicultural organization that fosters growth and inclusion of the entire international student population.

Korean Student Association (KSA)

KSA’s mission is to build a strong sense of community between Korean students, international students and the rest of the LIU Post population and to enhance appreciation for Korean culture.

Latin American Students Organization (L.A.S.O.)

L.A.S.O. celebrates Latin American roots by educating students about history and culture.

Latin American Women's Society (LAWS)

LAWS promotes cultural awareness through charitable, social and educational programs.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

LIU Post’s chapter of NAACP’s Youth and College Division confronts issues affecting people of all races, religions and backgrounds through outreach and education.

Newman Club Catholic Community

Through Newman’s trips, retreats, service projects and parties, members are able to serve God and experience His presence in daily life.

People about the Goddesses/Gods And Nature-based Studies (P.A.G.A.N.S)

Learn the history and the foundations of Wicca, Asatru, Druidry and Discordianism through interactive programming and community service.

Post Anime and Gaming Entertainment Society (P.A.G.E.S.)

P.A.G.E.S. hosts events centered on video games and board games.

Rainbow Alliance

The Rainbow Alliance is an open-minded group of students who provide acceptance and support for those of all sexual orientations.

Sigma Delta Phi Epsilon

Sigma Delta Phi Epsilon is a service organization that promotes multiculturalism and strives to combat stereotypes within cultures and genders.

Student Caribbean Association (SCA)

SCA is an organization that promotes the education of the Caribbean and carbine culture through lecture, demonstration and entertainment.

Students Networking to Advocate a Positive Poetic Society (S.N.A.P.S.)

S.N.A.P.S. brings spoken word to the community and advocates for creative writers, sponsoring writing circles, open mic nights, spoken word events and literary publications.

Taiwan Student Association

The Taiwan Student Association is intended for international students and local students to collaborate in their efforts and to enjoy Taiwanese customs as a campus community.

Turkish American Student Association

The Turkish American Student Association aims to improve the cultural, political and social unity of Turkish and non-Turkish students.


This club brings Scandinavian students together to maintain their culture and educate students about Scandinavian countries.