Alyssa SeidmanAlyssa Seidman

I am a sophomore Journalism major with a minor in Public Relations. Since coming to Post, I've truly found my niche at The Pioneer. It is amazing to me that I was only a staff writer during my first semester at college, and now have the remarkable opportunity as incoming co-editor-in-chief.

I've been writing ever since I can remember (my college admission essay was actually about the moment I knew when I wanted to be a writer). I love sharing pieces of myself and the world with others through this medium; it is a wonderful way of self-expression, as well as an informative art form.

Maxime DevillazMaxime Devillaz

I am a sophomore Journalism major from Sweden, and have contributed to The Pioneer since I started here during my freshman year. Last semester, I was the Assistant Sports Editor. Sports truly amazes me, and I have been able to cover several different Post teams' successes so far.

However, from my interest in sports, I also get an extra kick out of investigative journalism, when revealing information that has been unknown to the reader before is my concern. After all, everybody has the right to know the truth. Likewise, I believe that every individual has his or her own story to tell, and I love to share it with others!