Personal Training

  • Ask any Fitness staff employee for a sign up form for Personal Training or register online
  • Fill out the form in total including the correct telephone numbers
  • Be sure to fill out all of your available times so that we may have a trainer respond as quickly as possible
  • Please list all of your goals through exercise so the trainers can be aware of what your program may include
  • In the other notes section you can list any injuries or physical issues you may have that the trainers will want to be aware of or request a particular trainer
  • Your patience is asked during this process, as the list is very full. If you have not heard from anyone in 3 weeks please call the office to inquire if there is a problem with your application
  • Training is set up so that we can see a high number of clients each semester. In order to ensure that occurs, trainers will only stay with clients for two weeks, at which time they will walk them through their program designed specifically for reaching their goals. Trainers will answer any and all questions and assure that the client is confident in performing each exercise with correct form. At the end of a six-week period of following their program the client can return to the trainer and ask for a second program. The trainer will work with that client for another 1-2 weeks to show them their new program. The client will be set on their own again for 5-6 weeks. Due to the high number of people interested you may only be trained twice per semester. You may request additional written programs, but trainers will not be able to spend two weeks walking you through them.
  • Any questions or problems regarding the personal training program should be reported to the Associate Director of Recreation, Fitness.
  • All staff members should be able to show you how to use any piece of equipment in our facility but they may not know specific exercises written in a program by a trainer. Please do not hesitate to ask, as they may be able to find you the answer you are looking for.
  • Personal trainers are asked to have clients throughout their work day, therefore if you miss 2 sessions without calling to cancel you will be removed from the personal training schedule
  • Repeated cancellations will also cause our personal trainers to remove you from their list of clients
  • Personal trainers’ telephone numbers are confidential and will not be provided to any client. No exception.


Download and complete personal training sign-up form and return to