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Finding On- and Off-Campus Employment

Career Services has the expertise and resources to assist you with finding on- and off-campus employment:

On-Campus Employment


Work-Study, On-Campus Budget and Jobs at Non-LIU Post Facilities

There are three types of on-campus jobs that a student can secure at LIU Post: Work-Study, an on-campus budget job, and a position in one of the on-campus facilities not run by LIU Post.

At LIU Post, students apply for Work-Study funds through Financial Assistance during the processing of their financial aid package. If Work-Study is awarded, the student will be placed in an on-campus work study job. To secure a position, students should attend the Pioneer Student Job & Study Abroad fair at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Information about the fair will be included in their financial aid packages. While there is minor variation, most Work-Study positions are office support positions in the academic and administrative offices of LIU Post.

Check your correspondence from Financial Assistance or My LIU for the procedures on securing a Work Study Position. You can search for Work-Study positions in JobNet, prior to the fair. We recommend that you search for your job and record the job # prior to the fair to expedite the placement process.

To obtain an on-campus budget position, register for and search on JobNet for the latest postings (though not all budget jobs are listed in JobNet) or go to academic departments directly to inquire about potential budget positions. On-campus budget positions exist though they are not as abundant since most offices hire from the Work-Study pool first. You can also try individual professors that may need research assistants.

Finally, potential jobs (usually part-time) can be found in one of three facilities on the LIU Post campus that are not administrated by LIU Post: The Tilles Center, Aramark (office located in Hillwood Commons), and the campus Bookstore owned by Barnes & Noble. Visit each of these locations to inquire about potential openings.

Off-Campus Employment


Full and Part-Time Jobs and Cooperative Education

JobNet is LIU Post’s database for all off-campus employment opportunities. Students and alumni can register for JobNet using the fields under the left navigation box then search for full-time and part-time jobs using the job search form. Career Services is available to assist you in your preparation to apply for an interview for any of these positions. We can also help you to organize your job search and provide you with additional resources and techniques to maximize your potential to find work.

Career Services also organizes on-campus recruitment opportunities and, in conjunction with Cooperative Education, organizes a Career and Cooperative Education/Internship Fair each semester.

JobNet also is the database to search for Cooperative Education/Internship experiences. These positions are developed and administered by our counselors. Cooperative Education is a great way to work and learn at the same time.