Academic Conduct Policies and Standards


Student Rights

Students have the following rights:

  1. To be notified in writing of any alleged violations prior to the hearing.
  2. To have the violation(s) explained at every level of the sanctioning and the appeals process by the dean or the dean’s designee.
  3. To request information about the composition of the Board and to request the replacement of any member of the Board who may be biased.
  4. To be advised by a person of their choice. Advisors must be members of the Campus community. Advisors may not speak during any proceedings.
  5. To consult with an attorney but that right does not extend to active participation by the attorney at the proceeding.
  6. To see all written statements concerning the charges.
  7. To refute oral and written statements made against them.
  8. To be advised of the appropriate appeal process.