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Academic Policies for Undergraduate Programs

Degrees Institutional Assessment
Double Majors Graduation and Diplomas
Minors Classroom Conduct
Core Curriculum Course Registration
Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Audit Policy
Cross-Referenced Courses Per Capita Classes
Course Frequency Tuition Payment
Class Standing Program Changes
Grading Visiting Student Authorization (VISA)
Pass/Fail Option Withdrawals
Quality Points and General Average Leave of Absence
Dean’s and Honor’s Lists Medical Leave of Absence
Academic Honor Societies Maintenance of Matriculation
Attendance Termination of Studies
Absence from a Final Examination Partial Cancellation and Withdrawals
Dropping Below 12 Credits
Probation, Suspension and Dismissal Course Numbers
Readmission Graduate Courses Open to Undergraduates
Advanced Placement Transcript Requests
Credits by Proficiency Examination Student Handbook
Credits for Life Experience ● Liberal Arts Requirements for Graduation

Academic Conduct Policy

Ethos Statement Disciplinary Process Ways to Prevent Violating the Academic Conduct Policy
Academic Conduct Policy Standards Appeals Process Plagiarism
Academic Respect for the Work of Others Student Rights Avoiding Cheating on Exams or Tests
Academic Self-Respect Student Conduct Records Avoiding Other Violations of the Academic Conduct Policy
Academic Honesty Faculty Resources
Academic Originality
Academic Fairness