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Appeals Procedure

If a student wishes to appeal the sanction of a discipline letter, s/he may request an appeal to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs or designee. A request for an appeal must be made to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs or designee in writing within three (3) business days of receipt of the decision. Requests for appeals will be granted only if they meet certain criteria. Grounds for an appeal include:

  1. Significant procedural rules were not adhered to, to the detriment of the party requesting the appeal.
  2. Sanction, only if found to be arbitrary or capricious and not in keeping with the gravity of the violation.
  3. New and credible evidence, with these stipulations:
    1. evidence was not knowable at the time of the hearing, and
    2. evidence reasonably has a material effect on the decision.

    Decisions as to whether or not at least one of the above criteria has been met and if an appeal hearing will be held are made by the Associate Provost for Student Affairs or designee.

    The Appeal Request form may be obtained from the Office for Student Affairs.

    The Associate Provost or designee hears the appeal by listening to the student requesting the appeal and reviewing all written materials. A written decision will be sent to the student who made the appeal in a timely manner. The decision of the Associate Provost or designee is final, and no further appeals are permitted within the time frame of one semester after the sanction date.

    After a period of one semester has elapsed from the sanction date, a student may submit a written document which requests an Administrative Review for possible modification of his/her sanction. This request shall be addressed to the Associate Provost for Student Affairs and will only be entertained if the student has not been involved in any disciplinary incidents and has demonstrated significant personal progress. The Associate Provost for Student Affairs shall consult with the Director of Community Standards & Civic Engagement in all Administrative Review cases to determine the appropriateness of a student request for sanction modification.