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Students Rights

Students have the following rights in the conduct system:

  1. To request in writing prior to the Administrative Hearing that any person conducting an Administrative Hearing be disqualified on the grounds of conflict of interest.
  2. To be considered innocent of the charges until proven responsible by a preponderance (51%) of evidence.
  3. To have prior knowledge of the charges and have the charges explained clearly and fully at every level of the conduct process.
  4. To be advised by a person of their choice. Advisors must be members of the Campus community. Advisors may not speak during the proceedings and advisors may not be attorneys.
  5. To hear testimony and/or see all written statements concerning the charges.
  6. To refute oral and written statements made by witnesses.
  7. To remain silent and not testify against themselves, understanding that if silence is maintained, the case will be determined on the evidence presented.
  8. To be advised of the appropriate appeal process.
  9. If a student is determined to be the victim of violence or threat of violence as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, that student may request written notification of the final sanctions assessed to the student responsible for misconduct.