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LIU Global’s Costa Rica Center Journeys to Limón with Trinity College Students


Michael Schiavetta,Director of Editorial Services

Costa Rica CenterBrooklyn, N.Y. — LIU Global students traveled to the Caribbean city of Limón, Costa Rica, to expand their view of Afro-Caribbean culture and apply their studies to real-world situations.

Traveling with students from Trinity College (located in Hartford, Conn.), LIU Global students participated in various learning activities, including a tour of Limón, attending lectures, and cooking and dance workshops. They also learned about cultural and other local issues through their Latin American Studies Seminar course taught by LIU Global Professor Lorna Baez.

“Limón is a prime location to confront us with the difficulties of defining the Caribbean and exposes us with a vast cultural heterogeneity that intersects around experiences of colonialism, nationalism, globalization, and transnational migration,” said Baez. “Finalizing the Latin American Studies course with Limón planted more questions than answers in our students in the hopes of deconstructing simplistic notions of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as exposes them to the diversity that exists within the region.”

LIU Global also applied the same hands-on learning approach when hosting students from Trinity College. During a course on caribbean civilization, Trinity College students spent a semester immersed in the Trinidadian culture and traveled to Limón to compare the difference between the two cultures.

“I am glad to have had the chance to work with other students from LIU to not only learn of their backgrounds, but also to view from their perspectives on our travels," said Trinity College student Nicole Muto-Graves.

Photo by Pablo Delano

Posted 12/04/2013

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