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LIU Global Students Engage with Costa Rican Presidential Candidates


Lindsey Amparo,Writer
720 Northern Blvd, Brookville, New York 11548,
Long Island University

LIU Global Costa Rica Presidential CandidatesHeredia, Costa Rica—First-year students at LIU Globals Costa Rica Center began their international education by attending meetings where three presidential candidates discussed key issues in Costa Rican politics.

On the first day of this academic year, the newly arrived students heard from Costa Rican presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solís. Solís addressed the group on the topic of "The Importance of Costa Rica in the Global World." Solís, who is both a university professor and a political figure, spoke to LIU Global students about the distinctiveness of Costa Rica and how Americans contribute to the global market.

"It was so cool to hear someone who understood both the US and Costa Rican political and economic systems," said student Allison Kephart. "It was incredible to hear in "political language how the two countries relate."

"I felt really honored to have had the opportunity to hear the history of Costa Rica from a man so passionate and knowledgeable about it," said student Mary Kate Mueller. "He is such a diligent, articulate speaker; it was the easiest time I have ever had listening to a speaker. That was awesome."

Continuing their immersion in Costa Rican culture and politics, a group of LIU Global students who already speak Spanish followed up their meeting with Solís by attending a debate at the National University of Costa Rica. The debate, conducted in Spanish, hosted presidential candidates José María Villalta and Otto Guevara, two in a crowded field of candidates in the 2014 presidential race. The candidates addressed critical political issues and then took time to answer students questions.

"I found the debate to be a wonderful opportunity to interact firsthand with the political arena in this country," said student Karen Ramírez. "Just to get that perspective enhances my experience in Costa Rica."

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Posted 09/17/2013

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