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LIU Global Students Recognized for Outstanding Participation in Model U.N. Conference

Students at the Costa Rica Center attend University for Peace’s Model U.N. Conference


Sarah DeCamp,Associate Director of Public Relations
LIU Post,
Long Island University

Mary Kate MuellerLIU Global students at the Costa Rica Center took part in the Model United Nations Conference held at the University for Peace in Costa Rica from March 19 to 21. The conference provides all participants with an authentic simulation of negotiations of important committees and parts of the U.N. The purpose of the model conference is to raise awareness of imminent global issues, and allow participants to gain valuable insight into procedures and conflict resolutions within the U.N.

Each student represented either a journalist from different media organizations, or a country in their assigned committee, and was expected to faithfully represent their country’s beliefs and positions on key topics. The theme of this year’s conference was “Security, Justice, and Equality towards Sustainable Peace,” and five committees were represented, including the Security Council, U.N. Women, U.N. Environmental Program, U.N. Human Rights Council, and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Freshman LIU Global students Mary Kate Mueller, who represented Brazil in the U.N. Women Committee, and Hannah Van Nostrand, who was part of the Media Team, each won a “Best Delegate” award within their teams.

Students participated in the conference as part of the Introduction to Global Studies course, taught by Mihir Kanade, professor at LIU Global and director of the University for Peace Human Rights Center, as well as assistant professor in the Department of International Law and Human Rights at University for Peace. Prior to the conference, students trained in class and learned about the U.N., and its various parts.

Mary Obanhein and Natasha HaugenThe conference provided students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge on topics, including the U.N.’s structure, policy-making, and role in maintaining peace and security around the world through a simulated experience of the real U.N.

“I played the role of an Ethiopian delegate on the Human Rights Council, and it gave me great insight into cultural understanding. Being in a room with people representing 20 countries, all holding different views, made me understand that the best method to solve world issues is to first develop an understanding of a particular nations, and next, negotiate to find common ground,” said Temer Gaim, LIU Global student. “Not only did I improve my public speaking and interpersonal skills, but it was particularly valuable for me because I hope to one day be a diplomat.”

Posted 04/29/2014

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