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Global Students Gain Insight Into China’s Social Organizations


Sarah DeCamp,Associate Director of Public Relations

SEILIU Global’s center in China partnered with the Social Entrepreneurship Institute (SEI) to organize a three-day tour from Feb. 26 to 28 for LIU Global’s students to visit non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofit organizations (NPOs), and social enterprises in local communities to gain a deep insight into how these organizations function and what they accomplish in China. The tour included a visit to Nest, an NGO incubating park that helps local NGOs and NPOs to start up, and students attended a workshop to learn about the development of these types of organizations in China.

The interactive tour allowed students to survey the social change of contemporary China, where these types of organizations have seen a booming increase since the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, where organizations like this played a key role in humanitarian assistance. Students visited various local organizations, including the Shanggang Community Service Center, which provides social services to disabled people, and the Big Tree, which is working on environmental sustainability and rural economic transformation.

“As a Global Studies major, it is really important to look at the social problems and organizations in other countries and this tour allowed us a really valuable look into China,” said Katie Giguere, a junior at LIU Global.

Tyler Musgrave, also a junior at LIU Global, said “The tour was an inspiring. Not only did we gain knowledge about these organizations, and how they run in China, we were also asked to brainstorm ideas for some of the organizations. This was a great experience for us since we have been travelling around the world visiting organizations and learning about new things and feel we have a lot to contribute.”

Later this month, students at the LIU Global’s center in China will have a Service Learning Week, where they will work at some of the organizations they visited during the tour.

Posted 03/24/2014

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