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Students Participate in World Cafe Event with Students in Turkey

Students engage in intercultural dialogue to broaden their cultural perspective


Sarah DeCamp,Associate Director of Public Relations

LIU GlobalLast month, LIU Global students in the Comparative Religion and Culture program participated in World Café, an event where they interviewed 15 anthropology students in Mardin, Turkey. The goal of the event was to provide the students with an opportunity for intercultural dialogue. Kerry Mitchell, Ph.D., professor at LIU Global, organized the event with his longtime friend, Mark Soileau, a professor of anthropology at Mardin Artuklu University in Turkey.

Dr. Mitchell’s students prepared questions for the Turkish students regarding business relationships, Westernization in Turkey, the Kurdish issue, what it means to be a local, and American culture and stereotypes. The interview part of the event consisted of three 20-minute interview sessions with the students. Following that, there was a debriefing session with the two professors and the students who participated, to discuss the topics further in depth. After the event, the students wrote about their experience in terms of research methods used, as well as how successful the interviews were.

LIU GlobalThe event allowed students to explore topics of their interest through a different lens, and learn about the topics from a different cultural perspective. The goal of the Comparative Religion and Culture program is to increase global awareness, gain a greater ability to understand and respect diversity, increase adaptability and inter-cultural sensitivity, develop ethical awareness, and gain proficiency in written and oral communication. Through the World Café exercise, students were able to gain experience in these areas to further their cross-cultural and experiential education model.  

LIU Global“It was really fascinating having the opportunity to speak with the students in Turkey,” said Alex High, LIU Global student. “Speaking with them gave me insight into religious and political identity that I would not have known had I been studying Turkey from afar.”

Posted 05/06/2014

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