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Wie Liu

Wei Liu

Associate Professor of School of Media and International Culture
LIU Global China Center

B.A., Hangzhou University, ChinaPh.D., Nanjing University, China


Professor Liu Wei began serving the China Center in 1996 as a regular guest speaker and in 1997 he became a formal staff member and faculty adviser. Since then he has taught an area studies course on contemporary Chinese history and politics and several seminars on Chinese foreign relations.  Currently, Liu Wei serves as a senior teacher, faculty adviser and program coordinator for students interested in peace and reconciliation in China.

Professor Liu served in the Red Army during the Cultural Revolution, ending his military career as a staff sergeant in 1976. After working as the private secretary to the provincial minister, he entered university on an ex-serviceman’s pension in 1978 and majored in Chinese history with French as his second concentration. After seven years of graduate study and extensive research on 18th-century English political history at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Liu completed a Ph.D. in history from Nanjing University in 1989. Soon thereafter, he began teaching as a lecturer of political science at the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at Zhejiang University. He then returned to the University of Edinburgh and completed his postdoctoral research on the history of late 18th-century Sino-British relations in 1992 before assuming the position of associate professor the following year at Zhejiang University, where he continues to teach world political history in the Department of Global Studies. Professor Liu also continues to supplement his academic career with an intriguing vocation in television. For seven years beginning in 1994, he worked for China Central Television as a part-time host of a literary review program. and he currently hosts a program about local popular culture in Hangzhou on Zhejiang Provincial Television.


Modern Chinese History


Author,"British Rule in China," published in The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (2010)
Author, "The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95,"published in The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (2009)
Author, "Environmental Argumentation and Political Sensibility: The Case of China," published in "Environmental Argument and Cultural Difference" (2008)
Author, "A History of Modern International Relations" (2004)
Author, chapters published in "European Civilization: A History of Conflict and Integration (1999)
Author, "Nations and Nationalism in the British Isles" published in "Studies in International Politics" (1999)
Author, "Aristocracy and the Parties: Politics of Burke, Pitt and Fox," published in the Journal of Zhejiang University (1997)
Author,  criticism of Max Weber’s "Orientalism," published in Historiography Quarterly (1996)
Author, "Towards 'Cultural History'", published in Historiography Quarterly (1992)
Author, "Theories on Social and Political Transformation in History," published in "Origins and Evolution of Modern Civilization" (1991)

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