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Mia T. Valdes

Adjunct Professor of Writing and World Literature

B.A., Rhodes CollegeM.A., Vanderbilt University


Mia Taylor Valdes was born in Germany and grew up in France with her American parents. She came to live in the U.S. for the first time at 18 to begin college at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. She majored in French and spent her junior year in Aix en Provence. After graduating from college, she returned to Paris, where she worked in advertising. Feeling less enthusiasm for her job than for its location in the French capital, she reluctantly returned to the States after two years searching for a way to earn a living doing what she found most stimulating—studying language and culture and conveying her discoveries to others.

On a vacation to Mexico, she fell in love with Latin American history and literature and moved to San Miguel de Allende to study Spanish while teaching French. After a year of language study, she once again returned to the U.S., this time to enroll in Vanderbilt University’s Latin American Studies Program, where she focused on history and literature. It was there that she met Ben Valdes, a Cuban American who was also in the program, whom she married while in grad school. They have spent most of the years since then living in Latin America, for the last 23 years in Costa Rica. Mia worked as a journalist and teacher while raising two children. She began teaching writing at Global College in 2007 and introduced the Globalization in Contemporary World Literature Course in 2009.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, gardening and spending time with family and friends.


Academic Writing and World Literature


Co-author, "Human Rights Cities. Civic Engagement for Societal Development" (2008)
Author, "Design for Training" Human Rights Training Manual (2005)
Author, "Strategies for Human Rights Education in Mali" and " Human Rights Education–A Freirian Approach," published in The World Report on the Decade for Human Rights Education ( 2005)
Author, "The Right to Health" Human Rights Training Manual (2003)
Author, "From Koru Kan Fuka to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Mali , a  Human Rights Nation ( 2002)

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