International Relations


Minor in International Relations, LIU Global

The LIU Global minor in International Relations orients students to the historical origins and the contemporary operations of the global political system. After completing the program, students will understand the emergence of the nation-state system through the history of Europe and its Empires. They will likewise understand how the institutions of global governance, founded in the period following the Second World War, aspire to cope effectively with humanity’s common concerns. Students also explore the stresses that contemporary events are exerting on both the system of governance and our capacity to make sense of world system as a whole. Students supplement their study of global governance with courses in regional and national political culture.

In order to meet the requirement for the International Relations minor, students must complete 5 courses:

  • At least three courses from Category A
  • Two additional courses selected from category A or B

Courses listed below may only count toward one minor if cross-listed in another minor. 

Category A: The International System and Governance

Course #

Course Title

Location, semester, type

GCOS 118

Foundations of Global Studies: The World Economy and Global Governance

Costa Rica, spring, required

GEUR 303

European Politics: The Emergence of the Modern Nation State

Europe, fall, required

GEUR 300

Comparative Politics & the European Ideal: National Governments & the European Union

Europe, spring, required

GNYC 409

Classical Theories and Contemporary Issues in International Relations

online junior (with approval from advisor) or IRIS, fall, elective

GNYC 430

Issues in Global Governance: The Role of International Organizations

Brooklyn/Capstone, spring, elective but strongly recommended

  Recommended coursework offered by LIU Brooklyn Updated every spring
LIU Brooklyn, Capstone, spring


Category B: National and Regional Political Contexts [1]

Course #

Course Title

Location, semester, type

GEUR 318

Understanding Europe: The Present and Future in the European Union

Europe, fall, elective

GCHI 310

Modern Chinese History

China, fall, required

GAPC 300 Political Economy and Ecology in the Asia-Pacific Region
Asia-Pacific, fall, required

GAUS 330

Culture, Politics and Identity in Australasia

Australia, spring, required

GNYC 405

Special Topics in International Relations

with Dean’s permission, elective


[1] Other courses may fulfill elective requirements with the Dean’s approval.