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Academic Program

Students enroll in up to six required courses (see below) organized around classroom lectures and seminars, film viewings, readings, site visits, hands-­‐on projects, group workshops, group travel, nature experiences and independent travel. Students might also be able to undertake independent study courses which are co-­‐designed with local faculty around students’ interests and passions.

The key focus of the Australia Program is the relationship between humans and their environment, with particular emphasis placed on decolonial ethics, cultural and ecological diversity, environmental sustainability, social and ecological entrepreneurship, and Indigenous knowledges. The Program is underpinned by a broad inter-­‐disciplinary approach which is essential to learning about and responding to pressing challenges in today’s interconnected and globalized world. By drawing on the expertise of professors from Cultural Studies, Indigenous Studies, Education and Environmental Science, students will be exposed to a broad range of thinkers, knowledges and ways of knowing that will deepen and expand their own intellectual horizons, and provide them with the tools to identify problems and propose solutions.

With its dual emphasis on exciting experiential learning and rigorous academics, the Australia Program will prompt students to critically reflect on and analyse their own experiences in light of key thinkers and theories. Academically, the Program emphasises the importance of supporting students in developing and extending their critical and creative thinking skills, analytical capacity, ability to work independently and as part of a group, as well as their written and oral communication skills. For research purposes, the program library has a broad range of accessible and relevant books and documentaries, and students also have access to online databases, electronic journals and ebooks via the LIU Library.

Courses (credits)

Culture, Place and Identity in Australia and Bali 3
Environmental Sustainability 3
Encountering Nature in Australia and Bali 3
Junior Research Seminar (for LIU Global degree-seeking students only) 3
Australia's First Peoples     3
Australian and Indo-Pacific Perspectives on Coastal Environmental Issues 3