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Faculty and Staff

Ralph Herbert has a B.A. from SUNY Stony Brook in economics and a PhD. from the Pennsylvania State University in environmental sociology. Professor Herbert taught at the University of Queensland in Australia from 1974-77 and has been teaching at Long Island University since 1978. In the late 1980s Professor Herbert published a book on alternative energy for Rodale Press and was awarded a one-year Fulbright Fellowship to Africa in the early 1990s. Professor Herbert created the Australia Program in 1995 and has been its director and primary instructor for the last 13 years. His major areas of interest are organic and alternative agriculture, and environmental issues of Australia.

Soenke Biermann is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW and teaches undergraduates at the University. His area of expertise is indigenous issues. His conference presentations include topics such as “Indigenous Pedagogy and Environmental Education: Starting a Conversation,” “Taking Indigenous Sovereignty Seriously: (Un)settling Nationhood,” and “Pedagogies of Contact: Shaping the Postcolonial Classroom in Rural Australia?” Soenke has published articles in peer-reviewed journals including the International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning and The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education. The title of his Honors Thesis was Indigenous Pedagogies for Decolonization: Listening for Resonance and Making Connections. The proposed title of his Dissertation is: Intellectual Decolonization and Philosophies of Knowledge Transfer. He has also been involved in delivering on-site experiential environmental education programs, including environmental pollution assessments, animal population and migration pattern monitoring, and special education classes. Soenke is a member of the Southern Cross University Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Cultural Safety Training Focus Group and he is one of the founders of the Southern Cross Indigenous Events Coordinating Committee.