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Comparative Religion & Culture Program

Welcome to the Comparative Religion and Culture Program

Traveling to three different countries over the course of the semester, the Comparative Religion and Culture Program (CRC) concentrates on the process of entry into a foreign culture. Repeating this process multiple times, students study the patterns of thought and behavior that characterize their encounter with new environments. In this way, the students’ self-knowledge yields multi-cultural skills in addition to bi-cultural skills. That is, students build the skills necessary to adapt to any new culture. Through this focus on the shift from one culture to another, the CRC stands as an microcosm of LIU Global education as a whole. The focus on religion provides the element of depth to CRC’s engagement with culture, sharpening contrasts among the worldviews that students bring with them as opposed to the ones they encounter. Religions display remarkably distinct behaviors, truth claims, and styles of engagement with reality, making it easier for students to grasp the foreignness of their environment and process their encounter with it. While the time students spend in each country is limited, the intensity of their experience is heightened through their engagement with religion.