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Visiting Students

Visiting StudentsStudents may visit LIU Global from other colleges and universities and return to their home institutions after a year or a semester of study at one of our regional centers.  No distinction is made between visiting students and LIU Global matriculates.  All are expected to participate fully in the center programs and to present portfolios of learning at the conclusion of the semester.  LIU Global will assist visiting students, however, in meeting specific requirements of their schools. Prior to beginning their program, visiting students must be sure to advise both headquarters and the regional faculty of any specific requirements they have. 

Visiting students must complete a Visiting Student Agreement Form and have it on file at World Headquarters. Visiting students are not eligible for LIU Global institutional financial aid.  The student's home college, however, may allow their students to apply their aid to study with LIU Global.  Inquiries should be directed to the financial aid office of the home institution and, if permitted, to the LIU Global admissions counselor who will refer information to the LIU Brooklyn financial aid office.

These conditions do not apply to enrolled LIU students who become visiting students at LIU Global.

Which center or program visiting students attend depends upon their class standing (see Program structure and below).

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