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LIU Global is the only college anywhere that combines full-time immersion into foreign countries and cultures with structured classroom instruction, field study, internships, and community service for a rewarding, experiential, and one-of-a-kind four-year Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies.

The world is your classroom on this journey of learning and discovery. Over the course of eight semesters, you’ll live and learn in eight or more countries and participate in a transformative educational experience that combines rigorous academics, language and cultural immersion, career development, individualized learning, and countless adventures.

Unlike a study-abroad program, LIU Global’s unique Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies program is a four-year experience that will equip you with the knowledge, empathy, and real-world skills you need to understand the challenges facing humanity as a whole, and empower you to become a socially responsible global leader in a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.

If you are adventurous, bold, curious, compassionate, socially conscious, and passionate about working in an international context—and are looking for a road less traveled than the typical college experience—you’ll go far.

The application process for admission to LIU Global provides the candidate with the opportunity to share information that goes beyond the standard process of reviewing transcripts and test scores that occurs at other universities. All applications are judged on their own merit. Clear evidence of the ability and readiness to carry out university level work is expected, with primary emphasis placed on personal qualities of maturity, motivation, initiative and independence, rather than on standardized test scores or solely school grades. Admission to LIU Global involves mutual exploration of the suitability of the program for one's learning aims rather than a competitive process. The application is reviewed by the LIU Global Admissions Office to assess academic achievement and evaluate the curricular rigor of the student’s academic history, leadership potential, the depth of participation in community service and extracurricular activities, and international experience and exposure.

In addition to the application form, all students must submit the following:

  • Official transcripts from all schools attended—high school diploma or GED (either in progress or showing degree conferral)
  • 250- to 500-word essay; choose from 3 topics on the application form 
  • Two letters of recommendation—one must be from a teacher, counselor, or professor
  • Application fee of $50 (payable online)
  • SAT, ACT, or AP Scores (use school code 2248) 
  • Additional writing sample 
  • Résumé

Note: candidates are encouraged to submit a "complete" package with application, fees, transcripts, and all other documentation listed at one time.

We accept students on a rolling basis throughout the year. You should receive a decision within two weeks of completing your application.

Please submit the completed application and supplemental materials to:

LIU Global
Office of Admissions
One University Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11201

LIU Global Office of Admissions One University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201
For questions regarding the application process, contact an admissions counselor at or 718-488-1292.

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