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Student Email Buddies

Welcome, admitted applicants! Below you will find a list of students currently at the Costa Rica Center who you can contact with questions, to ask for advice, or simply to get a student perspective on the LIU Global program. We have indicated their hometowns, academic interests, and the LIU Global programs they are most interested in, in case you would like to contact someone whose interests match yours, or who is from your home state or even hometown. We hope that communicating with an email buddy will aid you throughout this decision-making process.


Eva BlancEva Blanc

Walden, Vermont

My academic focus is Environmental Studies and Awareness, but I am torn between the more political aspect or the educational awareness aspect.  This first year in Costa Rica I have used this personal interest to help me define specific independent study projects. I am extremely excited about my two-week independent study project this semester. I will be living and studying at the Monteverde Butterfly Garden in Costa Rica, where I will be working with local schools that come to visit the gardens, to speak with them about the important role insects play in the environment and the ecosystem that they live in.

I’m really looking forward to all of the centers I’ve decided to go to. At each one I will have the opportunity to focus on something new and different as well as my focus topic. I think I’m most excited for the European Center to open; I have always loved Europe and I am excited for all the independent travel opportunities.


Cassandra CoonsCassandra Coons

Wilton, New York

My academic interests are to be able to learn and interact with different people in new cultures. One of my focuses is to work with global youth and to learn more about the rights of children.

I'm looking forward to the South Africa Program because I am excited to take the Zulu class and to see the cultural differences within the country. I also hope to learn more about human and/or children rights while I am there.



Mary Kate MuellerMary Kate Mueller

Cranford, New Jersey

My academic interests are Gender Roles, Linguistics, and Music.

I am most looking forward to my next year in the Comparative Religion and Culture Program, because I have heard nothing but amazing things about it. It will be a whirlwind of hands-on cultural education, "front-row seat" classes on real issues, religions and different ways of life, many adventures, and the opportunity to travel to Taiwain, Thailand, India and Turkey!


Brianna StuczynskiBrianna Stuczynski

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

My academic interests are Environmental Sustainability, Indigenous Communities, Religion, Linguistics, and Holistic Health.


I am most looking forward to the Comparative Religion and Culture Program because I have always been fascinated by religion and culture, especially in Southeast Asia, so it's pretty perfect. I am also excited about attending the Australia Program. When I first began thinking about my global journey I never pictured myself going to Australia because it's so easy to go on your own. However, I have recently developed an immense interest in the environment and indigenous communities, and especially how those two subjects are related, which is the main academic focus of the Australia Program.


Hannah Van NostrandHannah Van Nostrand

Seattle, Washington

I'm a transfer student from Colorado College and I was an International Political Economy major. In addition to Global Studies, I'm continuing to focus on I.P.E.


My first year is in Costa Rica, then a semester in Australia, a semester in China, and then I will begin my senior year. I'm really happy that I transferred and I'm excited to see where I'll go and what I'll learn inside and outside the classroom.