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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I apply?

In addition to the application form, all students (Freshman, International, and Transfer) must submit an essay, two letters of recommendation and official transcripts. Letters of recommendation must be submitted on official letterhead. We accept students on a rolling basis throughout the year. You should receive a decision within two weeks of completing your application.

Freshman Students: You can choose to apply either through the Common Application (search for Long Island University Brooklyn Campus and choose Global Studies major on the supplemental form) or by submitting a hard copy of the application.
Transfer Students: You can choose to apply either online (free) or by submitting a hard copy ($50 fee) of the application. It is important to note that the on line application must be completed in one sitting. We recommend gathering all necessary information before starting on your application. Please be sure to use your correct, legal name.
International Applicants: You can choose to apply either online (free) or by submitting a hard copy ($50 fee) of the application. Official transcripts must be translated and evaluate when applicable. Students must also submit an official score report from TOEFL or IELTS. Letters of recommendation must be submitted on official letterhead. All international applicants must submit the application and supplemental documents by May 1 for a September admission or October 1 for a January admission.

What is the application fee?

There is a $50 application fee for paper applications mailed to the LIU Global office.

What are LIU Global's admission requirements?

Applicants who have a high school diploma or a GED are eligible to apply for admission as freshman. LIU Global requires a full application form, two letters of recommendation and a high school transcript.

Applicants who have completed academic work at other colleges or universities may apply for admission as a transfer student to LIU Global with advanced standing based on the number of credits previously earned. All transfer students are required to earn at least 64 semester-hour credits (four semesters) in LIU Global to qualify for the degree.

LIU Global does not require standardized exams (i.e.: SAT, ACT). Students are admitted based on past academic performance, community involvement, extracurricular activities, international experience/exposure and the desire to become a world citizen.

What are the deadlines?

LIU Global operates on a rolling admissions schedule and accepts applications for admission year round. While there are no application deadlines, there are priority scholarship deadlines. For the fall semester, students are encouraged to complete their application before February 1st. If you are applying for the spring (transfer applicants only), be sure to submit your application by October 1.

Deposits are due by May 1.

Due to the unique nature of our program, remember that it can take additional time to secure visas and passports, so we encourage students to apply and make their decisions as early as possible!

How many people apply a year?

On average, we receive 150 applications each year.

How many students enroll in LIU Global each year?

LIU Global expects to enroll 40 new freshman students each fall and 20 transfer and/or visiting students (study abroad).

What is the enrollment deposit?

LIU Global's enrollment deposit is $350 which is due by May 1st. Deposits are non-refundable.

Does LIU Global offer financial aid and scholarships?

Yes! LIU Global offers a variety of aid consisting of federal, state and campus-based monies. Merit scholarships are available. They are based on previous academic achievement. All LIU Global students are required to file the FAFSA if they would like to be considered for aid including LIU Global merit-based scholarships.

What is the LIU Global school year?

LIU Global follows the same calendar school year as any other college/university, with 15 week semesters. The fall semester starts at the beginning of September and ends at the beginning of December. The spring semester begins at the end of January and ends at the beginning of May. Students have an approximately 5 week winter break and a 4 month summer break. Students are free to return home or travel abroad during their breaks. The CRC program and the Australia program operate on slightly different calendars.

Do I go to one country for four years or different countries every year?

LIU Global students spend their first three years living and learning at the college’s centers and programs in Costa Rica, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey, acquiring a cross-cultural education that is becoming increasingly valuable in our rapidly globalizing world. The final year of the program begins with an independently designed research project in a location of the student’s choice and culminates in a semester in New York City, where students complete a series of capstone experiences and write a senior thesis before graduating with a B.A. in Global Studies. LIU Global students develop a world confidence through living, traveling and studying in dominant regions around the world.

What is the order of LIU Global’s curriculum?

Freshmen attend the Costa Rica center for the foundation year. Students have many options during their sophomore and junior year. Students can spend a year or semester at the China Center as well as the Comparative Religion and Culture Program (Fall semester is spent in Taiwan and Thailand and the Spring Semester is spent in India). Additionally, student may spend one semester at the Australia Program (offered Spring semester only) and the South Africa Program (offered Spring semester only). The final year of the program begins with an independently designed research project in a location of the student’s choice and culminates in a semester in New York City, where students complete a series of capstone experiences and write a senior thesis before graduating with a B.A. in Global Studies.

What do I major in? What about minors?

All students pursue a B.A in Global Studies, which is the interdisciplinary study of global issues from multiple cultural perspectives and the development of the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to interact effectively across cultures. Students will be exposed to a variety of subjects including history, anthropology, political science, international relations, languages, humanities, philosophy and religion in a global context. It is also possible to create an area of concentration based on work conducted on independent studies.

What is the homestay program in Costa Rica like?

The homestay family program is a highlight at the Costa Rica Center. Many families have hosted our students over the years & are accustomed to receiving a variety of students. There are many different family dynamics ranging from homes with children to homes with a single host parent. Students will be given a private room, 2 meals per day with a separate allowance for lunch during the week and 3 meals per day on weekends. Laundry is done for the students, and they also have access to laundry machines. All students live within the same neighborhoods, so it is possible for students to walk to school together in the morning and take a taxi home together at night. The homestay program allows students to become immersed in the culture & language of the country, as well as forming family ties & emotional connections. Before departing for Costa Rica, students will fill out a questionnaire indicating their homestay preferences including information about dietary restrictions.

Where do students actually study in these other countries?

The Costa Rica Center is located in Heredia, which is known as the City of Flowers. It is only 5 miles away from San Jose, the capital. The China Center is located in Hangzhou, which is also a metropolitan city and home to Zhejiang University. The Australia Program is located in Byron Bay, on the east coast, about 2 hours south of the city of Brisbane. The South Africa Program is located in Durban, a medium sized city on the northeast coast. The Comparative Religions & Culture Program travels throughout Thailand, Taiwan and India. The New York Center is located in downtown Brooklyn near the LIU Brooklyn campus, steps from the Manhattan Bridge.

Is LIU Global accredited?

LIU Global is an academic unit within Long Island University and is accredited through the Middle States Association. The MSA is a strict institution that reviews college curricula at 5 year intervals, ensuring it meets national standards. LIU Global's curriculum has been approved by and registered with the New York State Department of Education. Even though LIU Global's curriculum differs from any other college or university in the United States, it is held to the same rigorous standard of excellence. The LIU Global degree is granted through Long Island University.