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Why Choose LIU Global?

Why Choose Global College?LIU Global is open to students of all faiths, races and nationalities. It seeks those with the capacity for undergraduate study who desire a broad liberal arts education but who, in addition, want to use experience as a means to discover and prepare for meaningful and satisfying vocations and professions. Admissions runs on a rolling basis, although students are urged to apply and complete their applications by December 1st to ensure a position and to be considered for top scholarships.

The College does not attempt to maintain a protective or isolated campus environment, so learning here is not an easy process. It involves direct confrontation with oneself, with other cultures, with constant transition, with life itself. It requires:

  • Desire to experience the world deeply, to meet problems and change creatively and to take on a good deal of responsibility for one's own life and learning,
  • Enthusiasm for new ideas, situations, people; awareness of self and goals; optimism and a spirit of constant seeking,
  • An awareness of the world beyond the self and a desire to immerse oneself in the challenges of that world

All LIU Global freshmen begin their studies at the Costa Rica Center, situated in the northeast part of Heredia City on the outskirts of Costa Rica’s capital city of San José. The Center provides the ideal setting for freshman year as students are introduced to the fundamental aspects of LIU Global - experiential and individualized learning rooted in cross-cultural understanding and global studies.

Studying in Costa Rica affords students the opportunity to look at some of the most pressing regional and global issues while getting involved on a local level. Almost immediately they will learn that a LIU Global education occurs in and out of the classroom. The coursework is designed to broaden a student’s understanding of the culture and to help process experiences. Students will immerse themselves in the theory and practice of experiential education; participating in seminars on topics of Latin American and global interest, completing an internship, field project, or service learning project within the community.

The combination of LIU Global's instruction and independent learning prepares students not only for the future but also for becoming active global citizens with a greater sense of the world. Submit your Common Application (search for Long Island University Brooklyn Campus and choose Global Studies major on the supplemental form) today to become part of this amazing opportunity!