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Application Guidelines

StudentsTo assist the Office of Admissions in the review of applications, candidates are encouraged to submit a "complete" application package. Meaning, they should submit application, fees, transcripts and all other documentation listed below at one time.

The submission of a complete application package will ensure that all credentials and supporting documents are matched efficiently, thus leading to a quicker turnaround for the admissions and the review processes.

Below are the general application guidelines as well as the guidelines for specific populations of students.

Please note, if you are not able to submit a "complete" application package, you should attempt to:

    1. Send in your credentials as quickly as possible to avoid delaying the review of your application.
    2. Include your name and your date of birth on the top of each page of a separate credential that you are submitting to the Admissions Office.

Note: PLEASE DO NOT FAX DOCUMENTS. Applications will not be reviewed until the Admissions Office receives all official documentation