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Notification of Admission Decision

Admissions Notification Letter

Please note: the Office of Admissions utilizes a blend of mediums to communicate with students including: traditional mailings through USPS, e-mail, Facebook notifications and telephone outreach. Please be sure to check all addresses and points of contact for messages from the Office of Admissions and other Enrollment Offices.


Students will be notified of the admissions decision including the program of study if admitted, shortly after all the necessary documents (application, official transcript(s), and official test score report) are received. Students admitted on or before April 1st for the fall term are required to indicate their intent to enroll no later than May 1st. Students admitted after April 1st for the fall term, or admitted for the spring term, are required to indicate their intent to enroll by the date indicated on their offer of admission. Students must indicate their intent to enroll by submitting a $200 USD ($250 for international students) non-refundable deposit (check or money order); the deposit amount may vary for some programs of study. Please refer to the offer of admission for the exact amount required. Some students may also need to make additional deposits to secure housing. The deposit is applied to the first semester’s tuition. Students with questions about the required deposit should contact the Office of Admission for assistance.


Student not offered admission to their primary choice of study will be evaluated automatically for alternative choice majors and may be evaluated for admission to PAS (Program for Academic Success. Students not admitted to the University are strongly encouraged to pursue other academic options and welcome to reapply for a future term.

Wait List

In some cases, depending on space availability, the Office of Admission may offer candidate as place on a Wait List. The Brooklyn Campus Wait List decision is neither an offer of admission nor a decision to deny admission. The Wait List indicates that the student will be notified, generally after May 1st, if space has become available in the program of choice. Students offered a place on the Wait List will be given the opportunity to indicate an alternate choice of program, if not listed on the application, for admission review. Admission to the alternate choice of review is not guaranteed. If a student is admitted to the alternate choice they will no longer be eligible for admission to the original choice of major and taken off the Wait List for that program.

Student who elect to remain on the Wait List will be notified about the status of the Wait List no later than July 1st ; if students are placed on the Wait List after July 1st the Office of Admissions will notify students of their status no later than August 15th.

In the event that space is not available the Office of Admissions will notify students and provide the students the opportunity to select an alternative major. Admission to an alternative choice of major is not guaranteed.

Deferring and Reactivating

Students admitted for a current/active term may elect to enroll in a future term. In order to qualify for a deferral or reactivation, students must:

  • Be admitted
  • Not have already attended a class/course for term admitted
  • Indicated prior to the start of the term the student wishes to enroll for a future term
  • Successfully completed all coursework presented for evaluation; final transcripts are received and have met terms of enrollment.

Students who wish to “defer” are not intending to enroll in courses at any other college or university. Deferred students will be moved to a future term without re-evaluation of academic record.

Reactivated students are requesting that their application be moved to a future term for consideration. However, admission for that future term is not guaranteed. Often students electing to enroll at another college or university for the interim between original admit term and future intended enrollment term are considered “reactivated” students. Reactivated applicants must submit all updated academic records for the re-evaluation process.


Once students have completed the commitment process to enroll at the Brooklyn Campus they are required to complete several steps that will prove useful for a seamless transition to the Brooklyn Campus community. The following outlines the New Student Enrollment process:

  • Once the tuition deposit/intent to enroll is received students will receive a New Student Enrollment Guide that outlines important “next steps” and enrollment information.
  • International students are required to pay a deposit in order to receive their I-20. Once students receive their I-20 released by the Brooklyn Campus they are able to begin the process of obtaining an F-1, M-1 or J-1 visa to study in the United States.
  • Students are required to submit all final official transcripts (high school and/or college transcripts) prior to enrolling in the fall
  • Students may also be required to submit additional information or meet admissions conditions (some conditions may require completion through the student's first semester or first year of study). It is the student's responsibility to follow through with completing their admission/enrollment conditions. Failure to do so may impact future term registration.
  • Students planning to live on campus are required to submit a separate housing deposit along with a housing application. Students who submit an application are not guaranteed housing. However, every effort will be made to meet students' request for accommodations.
  • Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is used to award students financial assistance including any University merit-based scholarships that the student is awarded.
  • Students are required to complete and return health and immunization forms to the University Health and Medical Services Office.
  • Freshmen students will receive mathematics and English placement information from Freshmen Advising prior to attending New Student Orientation. Transfer students with less than 24 credits and no evidence of completing the equivalent of the Brooklyn Campus English and mathematics requirements will be required to take the Brooklyn Campus placement exam. Students who wish to continue foreign language studied in high school must be placed at the appropriate level by the Foreign Languages Department.
  • International New Student Orientation is held immediately preceding the start of the semester. Students will be able to sign-up for a New Student Orientation date once they have committed to attending the University.
  • Students admitted to the professional phase of the Nursing program are required to complete the HESI A2 exam with a required minimum score of 75 in each area: vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and mathematics section.
  • Students who decide not to enroll at the Brooklyn Campus after committing to enrollment must: 
    1. Contact the Office of Admission 
    2. Notify the Registrar in writing (if registered for courses) 
    3. Contact the Integrated Student Financial Services Office

These steps are important If you make alternate plans for enrolling; failure to complete the notification process may have serious financial implications especially if you have registered for courses and a bill has been generated for your tuition and/or housing.


Plan for Academic Success (PAS)

The PAS program will review applicants who do not meet the requirements for admission directly into their intended program of study. Students offered admission into PAS will be considered based on their scholastic background and their potential for future success at the Brooklyn Campus.

Plan for Academic Success requires students to be enrolled for one-year. At the successful conclusion of the PAS year, 24 credits and a cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher, students will be prepared and advised for transferring into a degree program offered at the Brooklyn Campus. However, students may not be eligible for all programs of study.

PAS provides students a unique supportive environment where they are introduced to student services, workshops, group advising sessions, and social/community-based programs designed to foster their success at the university/collegiate level.


The Brooklyn Campus welcomes applications from veterans and encourages them to take full advantage of their G.I. Bill benefits. Candidates are required to submit a copy of Form DD214, Report of Separation, to the Office of Admissions. A Veterans counselor is available to assist in admissions and funding procedures. For further information, contact the Veterans Affairs Office.

Readmission to the Brooklyn Campus

Students who have interrupted their studies for a semester (Summer sessions not included) are required to file a readmission application with the Office of Admissions. This application should be presented at least one month before the beginning of the semester that the student wishes to enter. Readmitted students must fulfill graduation requirements in effect the year of readmission.

Probationary students who withdrew from the University and are applying for readmission must have the approval of the appropriate Dean.

Students who have been suspended or dismissed for academic reasons must have their applications for readmission referred to the appropriate committee on scholastic standing. Readmission applications for dismissed students must be filed no later than August 10 for the Fall semester, January 10 for the Spring semester, and May 10 for the Summer semester.

Visiting Students

Students attending and in good standing at other accredited colleges or universities who wish to enroll at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University may apply as Visiting Students (non-matriculated). Inquiries should be directed to the Office of Admissions. Admission as a Visiting Student does not imply admission to a degree program at the Brooklyn Campus, and Visiting Students are not eligible to receive Brooklyn Campus financial aid. Visiting Students who wish to pursue a degree at the Brooklyn Campus must apply at the Office of Admissions.

Student Support Services—Services for Disabled or Academically At-Risk, Low Income, First Generation Students

Students in need of additional support may investigate the services offered through the Student Support Services Program for physically and/or learning disabled and/or Academically At-Risk first generation low income students. This Federally Funded TRIO program provides students coordinated services to address individual needs related to their disabilities or academically at-risk factors that would otherwise not afford students the educational and future career opportunities available to them through a degree of higher education.

Students do need to apply for additional services and/or admission to the program. To find out about services please contact the Office of Student Support Services at 718-488-1044.

Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, College Level Examination Program and Caribbean (CAPE)

Candidates who have taken courses in high school under the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board should arrange to have their scores sent to the Office of Admissions. Placement or credit (or both) may be granted for work that meets certain levels of achievement.

Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate degree program may receive college-level credit for their exam results. Students receiving a 4 or higher (HL) will receive the appropriate equivalent credit at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University.

Candidates who have participated in the College Level Examination Program of the College Entrance Examination Board should arrange to have their scores sent to the Office of Admissions. Placement may be granted for work that meets certain levels of achievement.

Adult Degree Completion Program

Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus Degree Completion Program provides guidance for adult students who are interested in going back to school to earn or to complete a degree, as well as those who are returning to enhance professional credentials or simply to enrich their lives.

OPAL (On-Line Portfolio for Adult Learners) is a program developed to assist adult students in earning credit for life experiences. Through a guided seminar class, Orientation Seminar I for the Adult Completion Program, students will design an e-portfolio to document how life experiences may match academic course work, allowing them to earn credit toward completing a degree. Through OPAL, and any other previously earned, transferable, college credit students may decrease the time normally required to complete a Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, students may opt to take a CLEP examination for college-level credit Refer to the “Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and College Level Examination Program” section for more information about alternative forms of receiving advanced credit.

Graduate Admissions Preparedness Program (GAPP)

The Long Island University Graduate Admissions Preparedness Program (GAPP) permits Brooklyn Campus and Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences alumni who have held their degrees for two years or longer to register for a lifetime maximum of 12 credits in any credit-bearing undergraduate course at the Brooklyn Campus for which prerequisites have been completed. Some courses may require departmental approval. A $200 registration fee is required per semester, but tuition is waived. Continuing education and certificate courses are excluded. This program may enable alumni to undertake basic coursework, which may not have been completed as an undergraduate, in order to pursue a graduate degree. Participants may not register until the first week of classes. For further information, contact the Office of Admissions.