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Welcome, transfer applicants! Below you will find a list of students who you can contact with questions, to ask for advice, or simply to get a student perspective on the LIU Global program. Like you, all of the students in this list were at one point transfer applicants. Feel free to write to any of them for advice on applying as a transfer student, and to ask about their experience transferring from another college/university to LIU Global. We hope that communicating with an email buddy will aid you throughout this decision-making process.

LIU Global Brian BakerName: Brian Baker     
LIU Global – Junior Transfer

Hometown: I come from a small town in New York State.

Email Address:

How You Learned About LIU Global: I learned about LIU Global on the internet. 

Center/Program of Study Currently: I am currently enrolled in the India Center.

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year: This semester I am taking Hindi Class, Writing class, TCR, Medicinal Healing, Introduction to Indian Culture and Global Issues. 

Area of Concentration or Interest:  Global Studies and Anthropology

Favorite Center/Program thus far: India Center

Most Powerful Experience thus far:  So far I like the Writing class the best.  My most powerful experience so far is being around all the people. I come from a small town in New York State.  Bangalore is so large and amazing, and the people are so nice and welcoming.

Why You Chose LIU Global:  I chose LIU Global for the experience.  Some of the places that LIU Global takes you are once-in-a-lifetime places to go. 

More About You: Like I said before I come from a small town with around 4,000 people.   I graduated from the community college in my town.  At Genesee Community College I received my Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts.  I then took some time off; I worked and traveled a lot.  Then a few years later I decided to go to LIU Global.  When I am not studying I like to go camping and hiking or sometimes canoeing. I am basically just trying to get the most out of life. 

LIU Global Emily VolzName:  Emily Volz
LIU Global - Sophomore Transfer

Hometown:  Northampton, MA

Email Address:

How You Learned About LIU Global: An independent guidance counselor told me about it.

Center/Program of Study Currently: India Center

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year: The required courses I am taking are Global Issues: Indian Perspective, Theory Culture and Representation, Writing, and Hindi. So far we have visited the University of Agriculture in Bangalore, a human rights organization called SICHREM, the Ramakrishna Monastery, the Bishop Cottons School for Boys, and we've done a city as text assignment with several temples around Bangalore. We will be going to a market for Hindi class, as well as a Dalit organization, and for our long field trip we will be going to Chennai. The electives I will be taking are Global Health and Healing Traditions, Environment and Sustainability, and I'm doing an independent study on artisans in Bangalore.

Area of Concentration or Interest: Sustainable livelihoods-environment, health, and job related

Favorite Center/Program thus far: This is my first one, so far so good!

Most Powerful Experience thus far: For service learning I visited an organization called DWARAKA, which works to create sustainable livelihoods for poor and oppressed people in and around Bangalore. There are many different aspects to the organization but what we saw the most were their efforts to provide basic human needs such as food, clean water, shelter, and land rights to slum dwellers, as well as schools so the younger generations can become educated. It was very intense and powerful experience and I am so happy I got to see and learn what I did. It was very important to see the way of life in the slums, but also how it is possible to improve the conditions for those people. DWARAKA has had both struggles and successes, so it was an inspiring organization to study and learn from.

Why You Chose LIU Global: I knew I liked experiencing cultures and travel, and I was also very intrigued by the experiential learning aspect of it. It sounded like the perfect fit for what I wanted to be doing at this time in my life, and so far it's been great.

More About you: I grew up in Western Massachusetts and after high school I went to the College of Charleston in South Carolina. After my first year there I went to Hawaii over the summer and did a work exchange on an organic farm there. From that experience I learned the importance of knowing where your food comes from and being conscious about what's really going on in the world. I did one more semester at Charleston and realized it wasn't the right place for me, so I took some time off and began to travel. I backpacked through Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia for four months, which altered my worldview even more. I also returned to Hawaii during my time off to live and work. After three semesters off I transferred into LIU Global at the India Center and now I appreciate all I am learning and am so happy to be here.

LIU Global Hannah CampbellName: Hannah Aisling Campbell
LIU Global - Sophomore

Hometown: New York, New York

Email Address:

How You Learned About LIU Global:  Last year I attended a more traditional liberal arts college. Though there were many good things about the school, I was unhappy with the academic structure and felt that I was not receiving the kind of education I personally needed to learn and grow to my full potential. One day I was studying with a friend, and I began telling her about all the ways in which I was unhappy with our school and the type of education we were receiving. She had a close friend who went to LIU Global, and she told me she thought it sounded like a perfect fit for me.

Center/Program of Study Currently: India Center

Course/Field trips you are taking this semester/year: Long Field Trips to Chennai, Pondicherry, Kerala, and possibly Mysore.

Area of Concentration or Interest: My primary focus is Education, and within education I hope to incorporate my other two interests, women and children's empowerment and the arts (particularly photography). I've had kind of an unusual educational journey (I've gone to public schools, an all-girls' boarding school, a women's liberal arts college, and now LIU Global), and I've somewhat recently come to the realization that the realm of education is of great interest and importance to me. This semester I am gaining teaching experience by teaching at an orphanage and an ashram, and I am planning to visit many schools in Bangalore to learn more about India's educational system. I think that education is one of the most powerful tools for social change, and I hope to not only learn how to teach effectively but also learn about education reform and international modes of education.

Favorite Center/Program thus far: …India!

Most Powerful Experience thus far: Teaching at an orphanage for girls and visiting and meeting with rehabilitated slum communities.

Why You Chose LIU Global: I wanted a more hands-on education and a school where I would be supported in pursuing independent studies. The international aspect of the school was of course a big draw, too—I have always loved learning about other cultures and languages, and am so excited and grateful to be having the opportunity to travel extensively while in college. I also chose the school due to its large emphasis on social change and world issues. I enjoy being in an environment full of like-minded peers who are adventurous and desire to make a difference in the world.

More About you: I am from New York, but I have lived in many parts of the United States throughout my life. Currently, my family lives in Los Angeles, California. A few of my loves (besides travel, education, and Indian culture) are singing, languages, photography, Fair Trade, poetry, and documentary films. I currently hope to one day empower and have a positive impact on youth through teaching, start a school, and possibly work in the Foreign Service.