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FAFSA Code: 002751
TAP Code: 0403
MPN School Code: G02751


Long Island University offers a myriad of financial aid programs to LIU Global students. Many of our students need some sort of financial aid to help pay the costs of attending college. Financial Aid at LIU Global includes grants, scholarships and loans from both the federal and state government as well as the university. These monies can help pay expenses beyond tuition and fees. We encourage all of our students to apply for financial aid regardless of their family’s ability to pay tuition and fees. Please note that a FAFSA is the core application used to apply for financial aid at Long Island University.

Newly admitted students have a rolling deadline date for receipt of FAFSA information and should check with the Office of Student Financial Services shortly after receiving their acceptance notification to the program. However, they are also urged to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible in order to be advised of all of their financial resources before depositing.


LIU Global offers two scholarships that are based on academic achievement (high school average and/or college GPA). The scholarship is determined at the time of a student's admission to the program. Federal FAFSA information is also required of all scholarship recipients before these awards appear on financial aid award notices or before they are credited toward bill payment.

Useful Links:

Please visit the Office of Student Financial Services and review L.I.U’s Financial Aid Guide for further information.

If your family is applying for a private loan and wishes to decline the Federal PLUS Loan that has been offered they must complete and submit a Loan Adjustment Form. Your private loan can not be certified if this form is not on file.

There are limits to the amount of financial aid available through any university so we strongly encourage our students to seek additional financial resources, such as scholarships, to supplement the cost of their education. LIU has a Scholarship Assistance Program, coordinated by Winifred Shih. You can reach him at 718-780-4359 or


  • All students who wish to decline or adjust their loan must complete and submit a Loan Adjustment Form the Office of Student Financial Services.
  • The electronic FAFSA information is required of all students seeking LIU Global scholarships or grants, federal financial aid, or tuition remission benefits. All students, regardless of financial circumstances are urged to complete the FAFSA.
  • Only New York State residents are eligible for TAP.