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Welcome to the LIU Global Alumni Homepage

Welcome to the LIU Global Alumni webpages! The LIU Global alumni community is comprised of graduates and participants from Friends World Institute, College and Program and will now include LIU Global graduates.

In an ever changing society and world, it is time to make a renewed commitment to global education in the pursuit of cross-cultural understanding. LIU Global, formerly the Friends World Program, offers students such an opportunity. In celebrating over 40 years, the college is committed now, more than ever, to ensuring that students receive an excellent education through experiential learning and cross-cultural studies.

Today approximately 3,000 alumni are succeeding in a wide range of fields and making a significant impact throughout the country and the world. Through their involvement in education, law, medicine, global health, peace and reconciliation, and environmental activism, alumni are a true testament to the mission of the program.

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