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B.S. in Mathematics

Math StudentEnvironmental, scientific and economic concerns dominate modern life, and behind these issues are complex issues that call for an awareness of the fundamental principles of mathematics. Mathematics majors who enroll in this 128-credit program are encouraged to develop specific career objectives while pursuing undergraduate studies. Departmental advisors will assist students in exploring career possibilities and in devising a personalized plan of study that will best prepare them to meet and exceed their career goals.

About the Field

An undergraduate major in mathematics followed by graduate work in the same or related areas prepares students for careers in many fields. A partial listing of these fields includes business, banking, technical analysis of markets, mathematical modeling, statistical research, insurance, high technology, teaching at all levels from high school to college, and theoretical research in new mathematics. Mathematics majors who elect to minor in computer science will be well prepared for employment in computer hardware and software system design and data processing.