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M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Urban Education (Grades 7-12)

Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, Social Studies


Teacher with StudentThe 39-45 credit M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Urban Education (Grades 7-12) is for students without prior certification and leads to the degree of Master of Science in Education and eligibility for initial NYS certification in Adolescence Education, grades 7-12. It prepares students to teach one of the content areas (Biology, Chemistry, English, Math or Social Studies) at the secondary level. Prior coursework in the intended content area is required. There is also a 33-39 credit M.S.Ed. in Adolescence Urban Education (Grades 7-12) for students who already have certification in another area.

Optional extensions are also available for students wishing to teach in middle schools (3 credits) or in bilingual classrooms (9 credits).

Students graduating from this program are eligible for teaching certification once they have passed all required portions of the New York State Teacher Certification Exam (NYSTCE). Students may also apply for Internship Certification after completing the first 18 to 21 credits. Internship Certification permits students to begin teaching while they complete their degrees.

Students with prior initial certification in another area will, upon completing this program, also be eligible for professional certification in their original certification area.

A non-certification track is available for students who are not interested in or who do not qualify for certification.

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