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M.S. in Middle Childhood Education (Grades 5-9)

Teacher in ClassroomThe Master of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education at LIU Post prepares professional teachers and leaders to address the intellectual, social and emotional needs of children in fifth through ninth grades. The program is designed for individuals who have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and college and who wish to begin a new career as a certified school teacher. Upon graduation, you will be eligible for Initial Teaching Certification from New York State. In addition, current teachers who have bachelor’s degrees in education and Initial Teaching Certification may use this program to expand their expertise to the fifth through ninth grade levels. This program meets the New York State master’s degree requirements for Professional Teaching Certification.

The program’s central goal is the preparation of outstanding teachers who are experienced in thinking critically, solving problems and working collaboratively with children ages 9 to 14, parents, and educators in public and private schools.

Concentrations in the Liberal Arts and Sciences

This Master of Science program encompasses teacher education courses, which prepare you for classroom management and curriculum development, and a concentration in one of six academic disciplines (18 to 21 credits): Biology, Earth Science, English, MathematicsSocial Studies or Spanish. Depending on the concentration you choose, the Master of Science in Middle Childhood Education requires 45 to 49 credits.

The curriculum closely examines the characteristics of the middle school organization. You will be introduced to the major principles of educational research and evaluation, and you will explore the psychology and behavior of the early adolescent student, including cognition, social relationships, stress, self-esteem, political and moral development, and health and substance abuse issues. The program equips you with effective communication strategies to assist students, parents and other teachers. After mastering a variety of instructional methods, you will put them into practice in a full semester of supervised student teaching.