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M.S. in Literacy (Birth to Grade 6)

Student Studying LiteracyThe 30-credit Master of Science program leads to New York State certification as a Literacy Teacher for children from Birth to Grade 6, and prepares you to work in schools and clinical settings as a literacy specialist. The curriculum prepares you to teach reading and written communications, develop reading curricula, evaluate student progress, and identify students in need of corrective and remedial instruction. In addition, you will develop skills for communicating with parents and encouraging them to become intimately involved in their child's reading experience.

You will gain clinical experience at our on-campus Literacy and Learning Development Center.

Candidates must possess initial teaching certification in childhood education..

Program Goals

  • To foster in our students a set of closely interrelated dispositions, pedagogical knowledge and teaching skills.
  • To prepare students to be caring and responsive observers and listeners who theorize about their teaching and learning and know how to research their own practice.
  • To prepare teachers who know how to document and analyze students' learning
  • To create lifelong learners whose education continues beyond the program -- who find learning about teaching and learning intellectually engaging, and who are active participants in professional networks.
  • To prepare students to develop the facility to communicate with others about literacy teaching and learning, and to build collaborative solutions to instructional problems.