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B.A. in Geography

Student Studying GeographyGeography is the study of the human and physical characteristics of the Earth, region by region. Geographers strive to understand the relationships between the physical aspects of a place and the human and social patterns that overlie the place. Human geographers study geographic patterns of the social, cultural, political and economic landscape. Physical geographers are more concerned with the natural setting of landscape, natural resources, climate and weather. Geographers overall are interested in how the physical setting has influenced human patterns and how humans have affected the natural environment.

The 129-credit Bachelor of Arts in Geography program provides a solid background in the major and also allows students to take courses in other disciplines. Employment opportunities are wide and varied. Geographers work in universities, government agencies and private companies studying demographic trends, geographic information systems, urban and regional planning and conservation of natural resources. They are also teachers, planners, meteorologists and climatologists, as well as environmental experts.

Areas of Study

  • conservation of natural resources
  • environmental sustainability
  • geographic information systems
  • urban and regional planning
  • meteorology