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B.A. in Comparative Languages

Student Studying Comparative LanguagesThe comparative languages major is designed for students who have a strong interest in acquiring specialized skills in foreign languages. The development of a comparative understanding of modern foreign language structures is essential to this program. Familiarity with major literary works of the languages is important. Required courses include upper-level study in a primary language such as French, Italian or Spanish and coursework in two others, along with required linguistics courses. Program electives cover such subjects as the history of language, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics and the linguistic map of Europe.

The 129-credit Bachelor of Arts degree in Comparative Languages results in fluency in a primary language, familiarity with two others and a firm grasp of the history, structure and social implications of language. This knowledge is valuable in careers in a wide range of fields, including education, business and government. The program also serves as ideal preparation for further study of language at the master’s or doctoral level.

Students who graduate from the Bachelor of Arts program in Comparative Languages at LIU Post receive special recognition for acquiring skills in this language. Those who earn an overall grade of C or higher in all coursework, will receive a special certificate and a permanent notation on their diploma and transcript that reads “Citation of Achievement in a Foreign Language.”

Program Goals


  • To teach students to become fluent in speaking, reading and writing the target language
  • To introduce students to the target language through its literature and history
  • To prepare students for rewarding careers in the many fields where fluency in the target language is essential

Qualities That Set Our Program Apart


  • Faculty educated at top-rated colleges and universities with diverse specialties and interests
  • A wide selection of required and elective courses and a comprehensive liberal arts core curriculum
  • Small classes and strong academic advisement