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B.A./M.A. in Political Science

B.A./M.A. in Political ScienceThis accelerated five-year program in political science offers a unique gateway to informed citizenship and prepares you for a future career in government, public policy, law, education, advocacy and activism.

In this program, you will take a close look at the nature of the state and the structure of government at all levels. You will learn about the roots of political power, and explore the intersecting roles that political ideologies, the law, economics, race and ethnicity, and psychological factors play in human governance.

Building on a core of courses in five subject areas – Political Theory, American Government, International Relations, Comparative Government and Public Administration – students can expand and deepen their knowledge through such electives as “Women in Contemporary Politics” and “Machiavelli and Machiavellianism: the Acquisition, Exercise, and Maintenance of Power.” Undergraduates have the opportunity to take 12 graduate credits their senior year.

The M.A. program offers two tracks. Option I, which requires writing a master’s thesis, is designed for candidates who intend to pursue a doctoral degree. Students choosing Option II must pass a comprehensive examination to demonstrate a graduate-level mastery of the field. The combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program requires the completion of 147 credits (for students taking the Thesis Option) or 153 credits (for students taking the Comprehensive Exam).

Designed for ambitious and talented students, this innovative five-year program offers two accredited degrees in less time and for less money.

Program Highlights

  • Classes taught by well-known and widely published professors, who interact closely with students in small classes
  • Opportunities for internships at the United Nations and other high-profile institutions where students gain experience and build professional networks
  • Active student organizations and honor societies in political science and international studies