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B.A. in International Studies

International Studies StudentThe Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at LIU Post prepares you for a variety of international careers. As the world becomes increasingly smaller, and each region more multicultural, there is a need for professionals who can work across cultures in technology, management and government relations.

Our vibrant curriculum equips you with the ability to think and act globally. You will engage in a comprehensive and exciting examination of international politics, economics and social relations. The flexible, interdisciplinary 129-credit program offers professional academic advisement to help you develop a course of study that suits your career goals. Distinguished professors will interact with you in small class settings and will foster the exchange of diverse information, perspectives and ideas.

Coursework is supplemented by internships at renowned institutions, including the United Nations, for a richer understanding of international affairs. These educational and occupational experiences will prepare you for positions with multinational corporations, private foundations, think-tanks, non-profit organizations and government agencies, and are excellent preparation for graduate study.

Program Goals


  • To educate students in international politics, economics, government and society
  • To prepare graduates for meaningful careers in government, international business, aid agencies, education and many other fields
  • To develop a solid foundation for further study of international relations at the master’s or doctoral levels

Qualities That Set Our Program Apart


  • Well-known and widely published professors, who interact closely with students in small classes
  • Opportunities for internships in New York State government, the United Nations and law firms that offer work experience and help you build professional networks
  • Active political science and international studies student organizations and honor societies