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B.A. in Political Science

Political Science StudentThe 129-credit Bachelor of Science in Political Science is an individualized, interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in a liberal arts approach to the contemporary world. You will graduate from this program with a well-rounded knowledge of political theory, American government, international relations, comparative government and public administration. Distinguished professors interact with their students in small class settings that foster the exchange of information, perspective and ideas.

Visiting professors from prestigious institutions, including the United Nations, offer insights developed in the course of careers in diplomacy, politics and public policy. A degree in political science is excellent preparation for a career in education, law, public administration, business and many other fields.

Program Goals


  • To impart a comprehensive understanding of American government, politics and public policy
  • To prepare graduates for meaningful careers of service in the law, education, public administration or business
  • To provide a solid foundation for further study of political science at the master’s or doctoral levels

Qualities That Set Our Program Apart


  • Well-known and widely published professors, who interact closely with students in small classes
  • Opportunities for excellent internships in New York State government, the United Nations and law firms that offer work experience and help building professional networks and resumes
  • Active political science and international studies student organizations and honor societies

Community Service Program

The  Community Service Program – under the direction of Dr. Amy Freedman, chairman of the LIU Post Department of Political Science/International Studies –  prepares students for careers and graduate study in such areas as regional  planning, city management, public administration, environmental impact  evaluation, law, geriatrics, mental health, and community organization. To accomplish this objective, the curriculum combines comprehensive academic training and technical expertise with extensive field experience. An essential feature of this concentration is the close working relationship between LIU Post and institutions, both public and private, that provide service to the community. This relationship includes a community-based advisory board comprised of community and public service professionals, the careful development of field placements in cooperation with appropriate community and public service agencies and institutions, and extensive participation by practicing community and public service professionals in both the design and presentation of courses at all levels of the program. The Community Service Program is appropriate for full- or part-time students entering LIU Post as freshmen or as advanced-level transfer students.