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B.A. in Philosophy

Great PhilosophersThe study of philosophy broadens and sharpens the mind. It asks us to reflect on our lives and the choices we are confronted with daily. Philosophers raise questions about truth, ethics, freedom, social justice, God, the meaning of life, the nature of art, the nature of the mind, and much more. Philosophy helps to free us from the prejudices and opinions of society, and opens up a world of possibilities never glimpsed by those content to lead “unexamined lives.” Our mission is to teach students to experience the wonder and passion of thought—and to think for themselves.

The B.A. program gives students the opportunity to study the great thinkers and movements of world philosophy. We offer courses dealing with the history of Western philosophy, covering authors from Plato to Karl Marx and beyond. However, unlike many departments of philosophy our classes also treat the great philosophical movements of Asia as well: Buddhism (including Zen), Taoism, and the philosophies of India.

Aside from traditional areas of philosophy such as metaphysics, theory of knowledge, ethics, and politics, we also offer courses dealing with subjects like the philosophy of love and sex, dreams and the unconscious mind, mysticism, philosophy and film, philosophy of mythology, and a course devoted entirely to happiness (what it is and how to get it).

Students who pursue a degree in philosophy emerge with unparalleled training in critical thinking: the analysis of ideas, theories, and arguments. Philosophy is an ideal preparation for any career that requires creative, original thought, and persuasive communication. Traditionally a degree in philosophy has been a gateway to many different careers: attorney, medical or business ethicist, intelligence analyst, political strategist, journalist, commentator, therapist, professional scholar, and many others. Find out more about what you can do with a degree in philosophy.

The 129-credit Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy comprises 30 credits in philosophy, in addition to the general requirements for an LIU Post degree. Majors are encouraged to develop a coherent minor program of their choice by selecting at least 18 credits in one other area of study. More information about the Philosophy course offerings can be found in the LIU Post Undergraduate Bulletin. And for more information about what sets our program apart, read the message from the Department Chair.