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M.A. in Interactive Multimedia Arts

Student Working on ComputerThe only constant in today's multimedia world is constant change. To prepare for a career in this fast-moving field, you need an education that puts a premium on flexibility, creativity and a truly diverse skill-set. In this 36-credit Master of Arts program students develop their skills within an interactive digital environment that fosters cross-discipline collaboration and critical analysis.

While working in a chosen area of concentration, you will explore several of the disciplines involved in multimedia production, from storyboarding and wire-framing to Web design and development to video/audio production to 3D design and animation. The emphasis is on creating new work, but to enrich that process, you will study the theory and history of multimedia art forms, and the legal and ethical issues raised by today's rapidly evolving technologies.

For your own work, you will have access to the state-of-the-art facilities in LIU Post's Interactive Multimedia Arts Labs - including 65 networked computers, six full color printers, and 10 flatbed scanners (2D and 3D), all supported with annually updated software. LIU Post's new Media Television Studio, with the latest in production and editing equipment, enables students to incorporate professional-quality video and audio into their multimedia projects.

The program is highly selective, and accepts approximately 14 students each year. Professionals in the field present guest lectures via web video conferencing. Students and faculty enjoy field trips to leading NYC-area digital marketing agencies. Our program is a paperless environment - all projects are created and stored digitally for access at anytime from anywhere.

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What Our Alumni Are Saying

Hillel Dlugacz, Social Media Manager, North Shore-LIJ Health System, C.W. Post Class of 2008

"My professor looks at every student as the next Steve Jobs and makes them feel that anything is possible."

Hillel Dlugacz, Social Media Manager, North Shore-LIJ Health System,
LIU Post Class of 2008

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