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B.A. Degree Program

B.A. Degree ProgramStudents graduate from LIU Global with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and an Area of Concentration that they fashion individually.

Areas of Concentration

Second semester juniors may choose an Area of Concentration within Global Studies to focus their senior work. An Area of Concentration can be selected from the list below or students can propose an area not listed. Since Areas of Concentration are linked to the senior independent study work (see Senior Program), they should be approved by the student’s junior year faculty advisor, the Center Director where the independent study project will be carried out, and the Senior Studies Director in NY. This is to ensure that all selected Areas of Concentration can be pursued in a way that meets academic, health, and safety criteria, as well as to ensure that adequate faculty support can be provided in the selected Area of Concentration. The selected Area of Concentration consists at least partially of: 

Students are encouraged to focus other coursework towards their Area of Concentration, although this is not a requirement.

Sample Areas of Concentration


  • Intercultural Communication
  • Cultural Representations
  • Cultural Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Women’s Studies
  • Media and Social Change
  • Transnationalism and Cultural Diversity


  • Comparative and Alternative Education
  • Education and Human Development


  • Comparative Religion
  • Religious Studies and Social Engagement


  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Minority and Ethnic Studies
  • Comparative Politics
  • Community Development


  • Poverty and Development
  • Global Corporate and Social Responsibility
  • NGOs and Social Change


  • Environmental Sustainability


  • Traditional Medicine and Conventional Medicine