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M.S. in Teaching Students with Disabilities Generalist (Grades 7 to 12)

Teacher in Classroom The 31-credit Master of Science in Teaching Students with Disabilities (Generalist Grades 7-12) is designed for certified teachers so they may earn an additional New York State certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities Generalist Grades 7-12. Those holding this certificate will be prepared to teach in supportive roles, such as consultant teachers, resource room service providers and integrated co-teachers. Each course in the sequence focuses on specific aspects of the teaching/learning process within and across the boundaries of the school environment, the home setting and the therapeutic facility.

In addition to intensive on-campus sessions, students also participate in a variety of field placements and in a practicum to give them valuable on-site experience. Critical topics addressed in the program include research trends and methodology, technology (assistive and instructional), behavioral approaches, instructional modifications, the New York State learning standards, and collaborative strategies.

Subject Area Extension to the Students with Disabilities Generalist Certification

The Students with Disabilities 7-12 Generalist program includes the option for the student to earn an extension to the base certificate in a specific subject area. For applicants pursuing the content area subject extension option, 18 semester hours of study or its equivalent in the subject area of the certificate extension sought is required. This, coupled with passing the Content Specialty Test in the specific subject area, allows the student to earn an extension to the base certificate which permits the teacher to be employed as the special class teacher in that subject.