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The Insanity Hoax, Presentation by Dr. Judith Schlesinger


10/11/2012, Hudson Calendar EventLIU Hudson, Westchester, 6:00 PM

The Counseling Honor Society of LIU Hudson proudly presents:
Do You Have to be Crazy to be Really Creative? (Hint: No!)
Please join us for a presentation by Dr. Judith Schlesinger
Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 6pm
LIU Hudson at Westchester
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

Dr. Judith Schlesinger is a psychologist, author, educator, jazz critic, musician and producer.  Trained in cognitive-behavioral and family therapy, her hats have included college professor and administrator, school psychologist and psychotherapist, book and CD reviewer, award-winning gardener and chick singer/leader of the JS Fourtet.  She has also been a supermarket cashier…but not recently. 

There's a long-running and cherished expectation that the more creative a person is, the more likely s/he is to suffer from a serious psychological problem.  Dr. Schlesinger's new book, The Insanity Hoax:  Exposing the Myth of the Mad Genius, is the product of three decades of scholarly research and creative experience.  While dismantling the popular link between talent and psychopathology, it explains why great creativity should be celebrated, rather than diagnosed.

For further information about this presentation, please contact
Dr. Thomas Nardi at (845) 450-5429 or

Admission is FREE but reservations are REQUIRED
To reserve your seat please call
(914) 831-2700 or email

LIU Hudson at Westchester is located on the ground floor of the Dance Building on the Purchase College Campus.

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