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The Counseling Honor Society presents: Transforming Adversities into Advantages


03/18/2013, LIU Hudson Transforming Adversities into Advantages - Mar 18LIU Hudson, Rockland, 7:00 - 8:00 PM

At the LIU Hudson at Rockland Campus The Counseling Honor Society will present: Transforming Adversities into Advantages.

The Mind-Body Spirit Connection. Leo Fong, MSW. A 10th degree black belt with graduate degrees in Social Work and Theology combines his years as US Army Chaplin, work in family services to explain his practical mind-body-spirit methods that can help you transform adversities into advantages. Admission to this lively and highly motivating presentation is free, but, please reserve your place by contacting Linda Hayden; For more information about the presentation please contact Dr. Thomas J. Nardi.

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